Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kristin & Kids-Part I

Today was Coffeetime at our condo...

in honor of Kristin (D.J.) M. and Nick and Isabel, who are visiting from Michigan. Isabel has a big smile and a big hug for her mom.

The special surprise guest was 4-day old Addison Jo, daughter of Jeff and Kelly D.J.

Here grandma, Carol D.J., is all pride and joy as Addison snoozes.

New mom, Kelly D.J., chats with Carol D.J.

We all sampled Brownie Biscotti from the practice batch of Becky's wedding reception favors....they got very good reviews.

Shelly rocks her daughter, Tabby, to sleep. It is hard work being so cute! Now that cousin Addison has arrived Tabby has some competition...and a eventually new playmate.

Continued in Part II...

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Sara said...

That baby is precious! I love the name, too!

Deb H. said...

Cute pictures! Show us more pictures of your condo, inside and out. Say hi to Mom and Dad.