Friday, October 06, 2006

Wedding Was Wonderful

Finally Back...

Since I last posted I have traveled to Michigan (twice), Kentucky (twice), Virginia, Washington state (twice), hosted my folks for 2 weeks in WA, & admired Libby’s new engagement ring* among other things…I am finally home, currently aka Lynden. I apologize for being AWOL but life has been full and now I have lots of blogging to do. [Wedding photos to follow, eventually.]

(*For Libby & Justin's ENGAGEMENT UPDATE please go to this blog’s LINKS and click on Sara&Tommy’s blog/Sept 4 for photos and details. Sara (My future son-in-law’s sister) is way ahead of me and takes wonderful photos.)

Here is a picture of Becky’s new Mother-in-Law, Sherry D. and I, at the very end of a very long and very happy day, September 15, 2006. We look tired but we each came home the mother of a new daughter or son and that’s a lot of labor. I love you, Jason. Welcome to our life.
(Remember, Jason: “Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet, with a few nuts.”)

For today's post I am including a list I just finished.
My thanks to Sara F. who challenged her blog guests to complete this for themselves…

I am: madly in love with my husband.
I want: to live a life of praise.
I have: so much to be grateful for & so much to do.
I wish: my family would all move to the Pacific Northwest, so we didn’t have to move again.
I hate: having to skip dessert.
I miss: our family & friends esp our kids & Jack, oh yeh, & I miss Utah & our Utah family!
I hear: Katers “calling” me...better see what’s up.
I wonder: if I will ever get all of our boxes unpacked?
I regret: that I have lived more than half of my life…but I expect the best is yet to come.
I am not: a morning person.
I dance: with my Dad, among others, at our daughters’ weddings!
I sing: with all of my heart.
I cry: during Hallmark commercials and other major emotional events.
I am not always: as confident as I may appear.
I make with my hands: biscotti, dishcloths, dollar rings, wedding stuff, & lots of other nonessential stuff. Dinner occassionally.
I write: lots of lists & e-mails to family and friends, and an occasional check that bounces. Recentl,y I wrote an agenda for my first tobacco issue train-the-trainer…
I confuse: just being tired with being older.
I need: to pray more and leave it all to my faithful Father in heaven.
I should: be ready on time more often, right Tim?
I start: watching 24 and can't stop.
I finish: each day with a prayer.
I must: get back to my blog…getting so very far behind.

That’s mine for this week…I am sure some things change with time and circumstances. Now how about you?…I’d love to read your list. It will fit in this blog's Comment box.

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Anonymous said...

You may have picked up another nut for the family since Sept 15th. Have a good day