Saturday, October 07, 2006

Derby Pie

Justin's Kentucky Gift

On my final night in Lexington I was presented with a most delicious thank-you gift from Justin R., Libby's fiance. He had a Derby Pie (as in Kentucky Derby) hand-delivered from Louisville, where they are made, to Lexington where we were hungry. He knows the family that produces these delicious pies so it was a very apropos dessert. Thanks again Justin. I really enjoyed it and appreciated the trouble you went to for that delicious pie.

Tonight I baked my first Derby Pie for dinner guests (Roy/Marilyn G,Rod/Carol DJ, & Carol DJ. ) They thought I said "Dirty Pie" which says more about their minds than my pie. It was a big hit and the name may stick. Libby, I will send you the recipe and you can try it...Justin will be impressed, it will definitely seal-the-deal, but now I have spoiled any element of surprise I suppose.

This all serves as intro to a quote I collected a while ago. In celebration of the end of my pre-wedding diet, let me share it with y'all. (How do your spell that anyway?)

"No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office."- George Bernard Shaw

This insight helped me more fully enjoy the wonderful Dirty Pie I ate tonight. Hi fat, hi suger and hi ratings from the guests.

Oh ya...I guess with a May wedding in our future, I will be going back on a pre-wedding diet. I knew it was too good to last...( I know, it is a "healthy way of eating" and a "lifestyle choice," etc. but we all know a diet when we are on one.)

If you would like the recipe for my Dirty Pie just send a Comment to this blog and I will be happy to share it. NOTE: I am working on a version with Bourbon in it, since everyone at dinner thought Dirty-Derby Pie ought to have some in it...and it does not...yet. On second thought, you may want to wait for this new & improved version.

Oh, by the way...Go Tigers & Go Blue!!!! What a night...the only one happier than Tim is my mother who allegedly skipped the chance to GO to the Detroit Tiger game so she could watch BOTH games on TV.

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I Hate Housework said...

Sounds like you had fun all the same. Most people spell it "ya'll," but since it is a contraction for "you all," I personally think it should be the way you had it, "y'all." I am a Southerner, so that word is a staple in my vocabulary.