Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mother's Day

If you can tie your shoes,
look both ways,
eat your vegetables,
say thank-you,
or do anything else
it takes to get through the day…

Thank your Mom.

Dear Mom,

This is a big Thank-you for who you are and who I have become. You have taught me so much!

It was such a very special Mothers' Day this year. Being in Virginia, surrounded by Mother's, daughters, sons, & a grandson celebrating Libby & Justin's wedding...& we had just been blessed with a brand new son! Welcome to our family , Justin. We love you all and feel very blessed to have a family such as this.



PS I am back to blogging after a recess due to Christmas, weddings & other time consuming activities. Hope to post some of the events I missed during this extended break from our web log. Sorry for the lack of blog activity. Thanks for coming back to check in on us & our family!

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