Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Newest Member of our Extended Family-MOKA!

This is Jack, our 2 1/2 year old grandson with MOKA, an 8 week-old Yorkie. This puppy is currently under foster care in Grand Rapids until we arrive in August for Libby & Justin's wedding reception. Becky & Jason & their Choc lab, Dutch, along with Allison & Jack (and Chris), are looking after Moka. She weights 1 & 1/2 lbs and came from the same breeder as Katers, our 8 year-old Yorkie.

Moka will return to Lynden with me when I fly home on August 27. She will live with our 84-year old friend & neighbor, Maureen, & her 12 year-old Schnauwser, Max.

Maureen had dreamed out loud (to me) of getting a tiny Yorkie to join her family before anything happens to Max. I offered to call our breeder in GR and see if she might have a tiny Yorkie later this summer. I was surprised to learn that she had 5 Yorkie pups & that one was a teeny female who was ready to join a new family.

Becky went over to see all the puppies & assured us that this female is the one we want. Moka is darling & when she licked Becky's nose (rather than nipping her toes, like the others puppies) she had found herself a place in Becky's heart & herself a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

We are enjoying daily updates via video, photos, & calls. Can't wait to meet Moka ourselves & see Katers reaction to her. Her name is MOKA=Maureen Or Krista's Angel, following our established practice of acronym pet names (KATERS=Krista, Allison, Tim, Elizabeth, & S, for our last name.) Becky suggested the name, I concocted the first 3 words & Maureen added the "Angelic" part.

Our arrangement is that if Maureen is ever unable to care for Moka, this Yorkie will become a member of our family.

More to come, I am sure...

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