Thursday, August 26, 2010

our life has taken a turn

Dear friends,

It took cancer for me to take the next step in technology. I was offered a smart phone by Verizon days before "The Call." I hit delete and forgot about it until my life began to held captive, by text messages, phone calls, email, and then "her blog."

My good friend from G R, Ann DB, arrived the day after the "News"...a GODincidence for sure, and her presence was so wonderful. We had made plans that filled anxious hours with activity that helped so much. And she knows Libby so it helped to be able to talk to someone who did. But after waiting half of a day near my computer for an email re libby' s first oncologist appt, I went back to my trash, retreived that email about being eligible for a Droid with the $100 rebate.

I now am the proud owner of a Droid am now able to access anything from anywhere on my phone...from WA, then VA, then Outer Banks (OBX) N.C., VA again, & currently MI. I can check her blog from anywhere...and I do.

I am laying in bed at Becky's house in GR, blogging now on the phone. I am also experiencing some numbness in my one "phone typing" finger, so eager to get back home and back to my keyboard.

Thank you, Tim, for agreeing to this new communication tool. It has transformed this experience. It is still miserable, but I have more immediate, constant access to my family and friends and that is a good thing. Also, thanks to my sons-in-love who have patiently mentored me on this thing.

Must run now to met some girlfriends at Rose's for friend-therapy. Libby is home from chemo and we are all glad that is over for them today.

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