Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lavender Festival-Part II (See Part I)

Lavender Festival-Part II
(Start with Part I for the correct sequence)

Now here is a sign we all could get into...Note the little kids enjoying their peach lavender and blackberry lavender ice cream cones on the swing.

...reminded me of you, Jack. What flavor would you like best? There is lavender lemonade, if you get thirsty later.

Tom and Tim enjoyed their cones-they had some of each flavor. I think you preferred the Blackberry version, right?

When I saw this sunflower I thought of you, Libby...this almost looks like Kentucky, don't you think?

This sunflower reminded me of you, Becky...because you are so often "outstanding in your field."

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your constant encouragement mom!! you have always been my biggest fan (well and dad too!)