Thursday, July 13, 2006

Utah Reunion: CEC Church Picnic

When we learned that the Sunday we arrived in Utah was also the day of our church's annual picnic....we were delighted. This made it easy to see lots of friends from Christ Evangelical Church (CEC). I only caught a few on camera, but here is a little photo album from that evening in beautiful Provo Canyon.

Tim gets an update from Nick A. regarding the college ministry that he coordinates.

Annie M.K., our former dog-sitter and Kater's good friend, introduced us to her boyfriend, Nolan, who is looking for life after the AirForce. Best wishes in your job search...and whatever else you may be searching for!

Bobbie M.K. (Annie's not so little brother) is heading to Chicagoland this fall for college! Welcome to the Midwest, Bobbie.

Mark and Lili C., members of our small group at CEC, introduced us to the newest member of the family, Elias, only 6-weeks old. They moved in just down the "block" from our former home in Orem. Wish we could have been neighbors longer!

Now it is time to be embarrassed...Katers and I played with this little "doll" and her mom, but my memory is failing me...can someone please "Comment" with their names, so I can label this photo correctly??

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