Thursday, July 13, 2006

Utah Reunion-Neighbors

Tim and I traveled to Utah for business, golf, and reunion with friends. Our first stop was to visit neighbors who lived 2 doors from our townhouse in Orem. This is Samuel, who you may recall, was one of our first visitor when we moved in 2 years ago. The bell rang, I opened the door, and Samuel was standing there with his plastic golf club set and he asked me, "Do you play golf?" He is a very big fan of Katers and they played often..."Can Katers come over?" They even had a sleepover once!

Samuel's Mom, Kim, and Dad, Todd, were wonderful friends and neighbors to us during our short stay in Orem! (The photo of Samuel and Mom was too dark to use-sorry!)

Next stop on Sunday was to see the Budding family. Emelia and Edgar became good friends and their family often watched Katers when we traveled and had to leave her behind.

We were treated to Emelia's delicious empanadas, a traditional dish of meat-filled pastry from their native Argentine. Yum, yum! While we sampled some other of Emelia's good cooking, their kids enjoyed a game of Uno. Katers learned the finer points of the card game from Jennifer, Eric, Kimberly & Kevin (aka "Bob"). The gang posed for a photo-such a handsome group!

We met many terrific folks in Utah and we miss you guys!

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