Friday, June 30, 2006

Q. Where can I get a copy of your book?

A. Please read on...

For my new friends: Beginning in 1995, following a part-time career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in microbiology, I had been working in the field of Tobacco Control. My work included prevention, advocacy (clean indoor air policy development), smoking cessation, and professional trainings and presentations. I was also involved in coalition building (including nicoTEAM, SAFE of Kent County, Tobacco Free Partners in West Michigan, & Tobacco Free Michigan.)

More recently, I spent about 2 years co-authoring a self-help book specifically to assist older smokers recover from their nicotine addiction; Tobacco Free After 50. Rick Delano, my co-author, and I have a website with more information about this project, including how to obtain a copy of our book. Use the link to this site at the start of my blog (see LINKS) , or you can go to

My work as a consultant brought me around the country, including the state of Washington in 2002, when I presented for the Washington State Department of Health. Since my parents both came from Lynden, Washington, I welcomed the opportunity to travel back here. Little did I ever dream to find myself a citizen of this state, retracing their steps in Lynden, our new home. (Tim began working near here the end of Nov '05 and we moved to Lynden in Jan '06.) It is such a delight to live in Washington with its extensive smokefree policies! We breathe easier.

While I am taking what I call a "sabbatical" from my consulting, I am doing some work with local teachers and schools. Whatever the future holds, this work has been challenging and rewarding, but alwasy a most fulfilling experience. I have learned a lot and done so many new things. Most of all, I treasure the terrific people I have met and the friendships that have formed during this journey as we were..."working together toward a tobacco-free future."


P.S. I like smokers...but I have no use for the Tobacco Industry...just in case you were wondering.


Sara said...

YAY for you! I didn't know you had co-authored a book! I wish they would outlaw smoking completely! I hate it! All Louisville area restaurant are smoke-free!

krista said...

You are one of the growing number of locations that can breathe clean air while eating out. What is amazing is that they were able to accomplish this in Kentucky! (since tobacco is grown there.)

Behind every clean air regulation is a group of very hard-working advocates who have been "educating and then legislating" in their communities. From one "Health Nut" to another: I salute the Louisville tobacco control folks! (I have met a few at national meetings) is just a matter of time and everyone will breathe clean air, even in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Something else people may not know:

Krista was honored as our American Lung Association of Michigan's- "Advocate of the Year 2000." Her move was Michigan's loss, but Washington's gain.

We miss you and your passion.