Friday, June 30, 2006

Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrating - Parts 1 & 2

Part 1: On Wednesday evening, 6-28, we enjoyed dinner with friends of my parents...and now friends of ours, Fran & Loe K. and their daughter, Jan. We tried Syros Greek & Italian Restaurant here in Lynden...our first visit. We had a delicious dinner and great conversation. Unfortunately, our camera eluded me as we left for the evening so--no photo for this posting. I'll try again another time. Fran & Lou send their best to Jim & Sylvia V.

Part 2: Thursday evening Tim & I drove to Seattle to join Uncle Dave & Aunt Kay C. for dinner. They were in town from Ohio for an Alaskan Cruise leaving the next day. (Last year we celebrated our 30th on the same cruise line in Alaska, this same week.) We met them at their hotel where they treated us to a delicious dinner...halibut and swordish...

Dinner was wonderful and since we had not seen Dave since Allison & Chris' wedding, 5 years ago, and Kay...we weren't sure how long it has been... conversation was lively as we "caught up."

Dinner's grand finale included some delicious dessert . In Seattle one can enjoy coffee on any corner and in any form. Had to enjoy the Coffee Trio of Ganache/Sorbet/and Creme Brulee. A picture is worth a thousand words...a sweet ending to a long overdue visit.

So glad they called and we made the trip!

Bon Voyage and God bless your travels.

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Sara said...

That dessert looks heavenly! Creme Brulee is my favorite! Especially if it is Godiva!