Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Birch Bay Day...PS

Amendment to 6/25 Birch Bay Day....
(I overlooked the picnic photos)

The small group from 3rd CRC met for a potluck picnic supper at the Birch Bay State Park. We roasted hotdogs and then enjoyed everyone's contributions to the food table. Tim is loading up on the beans...yikes.

Fabulous weather, fabulous food, and most of all fabulous new friends.

Recognize anyone, Mom & Dad V.?

Katers stayed safely out of everyone's way by using our camp chair as

her throne. "Now, if only someone would throw me a hotdog this would be a perfect picnic!"

I will omit last names, but maybe you can figure out who these people are anyway...

(Standing) Carol D.J., Mary & Bob M., Terese & Jim H., Sherwin V.M. & Betty D.B.

(Seated) Carolyn V.M., Toots K., Tim S.,Dennie D.B.

(Missing) Krista, the wanna be photographer

(OK, I am omitting more than last names...I cannot get the group picture to upload into this post. Tried 6 times doing everything I know, to make it work.. Anyone out there with technical advice - please comment. Thanks.)

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