Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jim & Nancy's Visit: May '06 - Part 3

The Farm, The Fish, The Fun

Lydia and Josiah had to visit "The Farm" aka Rod and Carol D.J. Dairy. Rod is my cousin and this is The Farm of my childhood and our daughter's.

George (the blond in this group), Rod & Carol's grandson, was our official tour guide...laser pointer and all.

First stop was at George and Lane's (the other blond in this picture) farm across the street. Their dad, Jon, is Rod & Carol's oldest son, married to Shelly. Baby sister, Tabby, slept through most of the tour.

Nest stop, see the calves. George demos how the calves are held in place for feeding.

Lydia gives it a try...and the calf gets some milk. I am not sure who is more uncertain about this, Lydia or the calf.

Now, lets see how a pro does it. Everybody looks much more comfortable.

Post tour fun crawling around. Lydia and Lane became fast friends!

The highlight of the visit for the girls was rolling down the hills together.

Back to see if the horse are hungry.

Lydia & Lane were convinced that "the horses like to eat those yellow flowers in the grass"... so they picked lots for them to eat.

Another favorite spot to visit in Lynden is the Sidewalk Cafe for a snack or lunch under the Big Windmill on Front Street. The canal that runs by this indoor cafe is filled with giant goldfish that were very popular with Josiah and Lydia. They "lived in a shoe"...wooden, of course.

Anyone who visits us can take advantage of a free Dutch contume photo op. Lydia and Josiah didn't want to miss this opportunity!

Lydia wondered how a picture would look if she used this alternate hole. Your wish is my command!

Last but not least, Lydia took advantage of Aunt Krista's offer for a sleep-over while her folks toured Vancouver, B.C. After visiting many of the businesses in Lynden to take advantage of their Welcome Wagon coupons-we collected lots of freebies (i.e. Lydia selected the style of our new free outdoor thermometer...I think of her everyday when I check the temperature on our beautiful rainbow thermomter.)

We finished our day with a long stop at the Lynden City Park. Slide, sliding poles, monkey bars- but the swings are the best!

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