Monday, June 26, 2006

A Birch Bay Day

Today was hot-especially by Lynden standards-sunny and 82 degrees at 6 pm. My outdoor thermometer hit over 90. We appreciated our A.C.

Fortunately we had a picnic planned with our small group from 3rd Christian Reformed Church to be held out at Birch Bay (about a half hour from our home.) This is the salt water bay where cousins Rod and Carol D.J. have their cottage...The Milk House.

This is where we have spent Memorial Day & Father's Day (hope to be there on the 4th as well...fireworks!) Rod & Carol have been so generous to invite us to join their extended family & friends. They help us fill these days of potential homesickness with great fun, food & friendship.

Today Carol D.J. (Sister to Rod), "Toots" K. (from small group), and I drove out to the Milk House around 3 pm and escaped the heat-it had to have been 10 degrees cooler. Their porch was the perfect place to catch the breeze off the Bay.

Here is the view that we enjoyed...The San Juan Islands are off in the distance.

Here's a peek is so cozy and cute and comfortable. The perfect escape location. Thanks Rod & Carol for sharing it with so many, including us!


krista said...

Could one of you blog experts out there tell me why the text for the last photo in this post, for example, has a "split" in it? It is all in one paragraph in the original version I wrote but for some reason it splits here????

Just wondering...


Sara said...

Sounds like a fun day! It is extremely hot here, too! And there is no BAY to catch a breeze from!

As for the split in the text...blogger is very moody! It does odd things sometimes. I always upload my pictures first and then type around them.

Allison said...

Sounds like a great day!! Good think you have the bay when it is so hot. I can't wait to get to Lake Michigan this weekend!!