Monday, June 26, 2006

Libby-Our Grad!

Libby's Graduation from Calvin College May 20, 2006

We are so proud of you, Lib!

You can go to the Calvin Website for a family photo.
(Photo # 74 of the 96 posted)
I am sure there is a way to get this photo into this blog but it is currently beyond my technical abilities. Any suggestions? Wow!! I just accomplished it. Go to the box of LINKS (on the right near the top of blog) and click on the 3rd link and you will see our family photo at commencement. Aren't you impressed?....I am.

Next stop for Libby is the University of Kentucky in Lexington for graduate studies at their School of Social Work where she plans to get her Masters in August of 2007.

Libby moved to Lexington after graduation to share a zip code with Justin R. She is a nanny for a local family (please send a photo) and shares an apartment with Julie and Angie (please send another photo). Julie is a friend that Libby met at the Young Life camp, Rockbridge, in Goshen, Virginia last Summer, where she also met Justin. (Both of her room mates are Young Life leaders at local high schools; Julie leads with Justin R.)

Libby loves mail so e-mail or call me and I will share her contact info.

We will keep you posted on the Kentucky Connection.

(If you have not done so you can go to Sara, Justin's sister's, blog ( ) and check out the June 18 post with all the photos from the recent trip by Allison & Chris, and Becky & Jason to visit Libby and Justin. They all joined his family on their houseboat. Looks like great fun.
(I bet you could link your blog to this blog, but again...too technical. Sara can you help?)


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Hey--you are way ahead of me...I haven't been able to link to anyone yet!
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