Monday, June 19, 2006

Krista & Tim: Life after Relocation

Welcome to my is really "our" blog since I hope it will help us all keep connected while we are so far from you. Be patient with me as I find my way through the Land of Blog. I look forward to posting photos and reading your comments. (Click on "Comments" at the end of each posting and send us your thoughts, poetry, or weather report-it happens to be sunny today in Washigton!)

Technical notes: You can have the photos we post by Right clicking on the picture, then select "Save picture as..." , E-mail picture..., Print picture..., or whatever you prefer. Feel free to call if you get stuck and I will offer what limited experience and understanding I have on this topic.

I believe in availing ourselves of whatever technology can offer to stay close to our family and friends (Yes, we have a webcam, so if you do too, call me and we can gaze into each other's baby blues. Jack and I love doing this...)

For those of you who are not immediate family here is some reference info:

Allison (28), our oldest daughter, is married to Chris T. and they live in Grand Rapids with Jack, our only and favorite grandchild, born November 4, 2004.

Rebecca (soon to be 26) is next in line and marrying Jason D. this Sept. 15. They will live in Grand Rapids in the new home they purchased recently.

Libby (22) just graduated from Calvin College and moved to Lexington, Kentucky to keep an eye on her boyfriend, Justin R. She has applied to the University of Kentucky for graduate school at their School of Social Work.

Katers is our adorable 2.5 lbs. Yorkie and she earns her keep by being a social magnet where ever we go. She usually attracts a crowd and thanks to her we have met all of our neighbors and then some. Trying to get around town can be difficult because so many stop us to chat. Katers travels with us by car, boat/ferry, train, and is especially fantastic on planes, thanks goodness.

We moved to Utah in 2004 for 18 months and to Lynden, Washington 6 months ago, on 1-9-06. (If you do not know this info maybe you should stop now because you probably don't know us enough to care about the rest of this blog.

Now you have a chance at following the postings and comments.

Stay tuned!



Sara said...

Looking great! I look forward to seeing the pictures you post! Photographs are my favorite!
I think you are going to have to change the fact that only bloggers can comment though. Most of your readers aren't bloggers and won't have a password and username. Anonymous comments will allow the girls,other family, etc. to leave comments without having to sign up for a blog. I haven't ever had a problem with any random comments on mine...give it a try.
Happy blogging.....

krista said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks good Mom but where are the pictures?!? Jack says he wants his own blog so I might have to give in to the request. Then everyone can keep up with the ever changing Jack. He says "Hi" now and he says it to everyone he meets, we're so proud of him. I'll let you know if the Thompson house hold joins the land of blogging!!

Anonymous said...

what does it mean when you have more pics of your canine and less of you kids & grandson?...j/k forgot to put kaleen's husband's name (joel) and you forgot to mention jenna on the family engagement picture...

lookin good so ras

krista said...

Joel's name is there but I dis miss Jenna...I was way tired. Thanks for being my editor...I think.