Sunday, June 25, 2006

Engagements and Engaging Grandson

(Start at the bottom and work up)

I will end this post and try again. I have not gotten the layout thing exactly figured out but give me time...please note the different font, colored font, and photos, all newly aquired skills. Again this posting ends here, but starts at the bottom with Jack's photo.

Such a good looking bunch, don't you think? From the L in back: Joel & Kaleen(Jason's sis), Jenna (Jason' other sister), Allison (our 1st daughter) & Chris, (Tim was in Lynden), Libby (our 3rd daughter), Becky (#2 daughter) & Jason, Kendall & Sherry D. (Jason's folks).

This photo was taken by our fvorite family photographer, Justin R.! (The love of Libby's life.)

February 3, Jason & Becky, just engaged and all smiles. Wedding date is September 15, 2006.

( I added this second but it ended up here above Jack's picture...still trying to figure this all out.)
Just read this post backwares...

Sunday afternoon and I will try to get a photo or two in here. Here it is! Jack shooting hoops in the basket we got in Hilton Head. And if you think that is cute, wait until I get a picture of his face in here. (This child has a very serious ball you think we can fix that? or was it inherited?)

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Anonymous said...

Way to go with the pictures!! Jack is really cute even from the back!! :) I will try and start Jack's blog this week....


krista said...

Great, then you can post all his photos and I can just link your blog to mine and I will only post the best of the best!

Wonderful! Besides then I can call you when I get stuck.


krista said...

"Dis miss" was supposed to be "did miss." My apologies to Jenna!


I know she is way too cute for anyone else to "miss" her in the picture!


Libby said...

oh i love that you wrote Justin was the love of my life...he is you know!

Anonymous said...

hi from zeeland...(Kendall, Sherry, Jason, & Becky)

Just saw the cool engagement pictures for the first time...lots of good memories...we think your blog is was fun to "see" you tonight...looking forward to all the upcoming fun!
(we love your daughter to pieces already), the dozemans