Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jim & Nancy's Visit: May '06 - Part 1

Katers hangs with the Big Dogs at Tom & Jacque's

In May, Tim's brother Jim, his wife Nancy, and their children, Lydia and Josiah, came to visit us here in Washington. We met them at cousin Tom & Jackie S.'s summer cottage on Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula. Katers and their two dogs, Wegman & Ivory (?) got along well.

"Hmmmmmm...what might this little thing be?"

Katers, "Ever get the feeling someone is following you?"

Eventually, Wegman even allowed Katers to share his bed...but not quite yet.

Wegman, freezes midway between bites watching for Katers, also frozen, to try one of her speedy "snatch 'n grab" maneuvers that has resulted in the loss of some of his food. The competition continued with no casualties, I am happy to report... and everybody got some supper.

Three friends in the end!

Stay tuned for Part 2...the saga continues.

(I got the photos in, in the correct order and you may now read my posts from top to bottom, rather than bottom to top.)


Anonymous said...

Katers looks a little scary, i think she is cuter in real life!


Sara said...

Hey, a Weimaraner! Someone has great taste!
Wow, Katers is much smaller than I thought she was!
I'm glad Wegman didn't mistake her for a chew toy!
She is cute.

krista said...

I've always wondered how you spell that breed.